Why do you play in a casino?

What you need to know about online casino bonuses?

If you are at least a little interested in gambling on the Internet, you can’t be unaware of the existence of different types of bonuses in online casinos. All kinds of promotions have long become the main tool for expanding the customer base and keeping existing users. In the modern gambling industry, an electronic casino without bonuses is almost doomed to failure. The current playing public is spoiled with complimentary packages, free-backs, cashback, bonus loans for deposits and other offers. She does not have a good choice of games, tournaments, jackpots and a sympathetic support – she craves “easy money”. Surely you also want to receive generous bonuses when registering in a new casino and enjoy additional privileges during the game process. In such desires there is nothing reprehensible, but we want to warn you:

It is not necessary to participate in all the promo-actions of the casino without exception. Some of them are beneficial only to the operators of gambling.



The article will tell you about the key types of bonuses, introduce their key advantages and disadvantages, and talk about the nuances on which gambling sites prefer not to focus.

A few important terms


First let’s make sure that you know the basic terminology. Without it, it will be difficult for you to understand the material presented below.

  • Bonus – additional credits provided to customers for the game.
  • Deposit – replenishment of a personal account in a casino.
  • Free spins are free spins on slot machines.
  • Wager – Requirements for wagering bonus money. It is expressed by a coefficient, meaning how many times the total amount of the client’s rates should exceed the received credits. For example, you received a bonus of one hundred dollars. Wager is x30. You can withdraw the bonus after you make bets in the amount of three thousand dollars.
  • Cashback – the return of a part of the lost money.
  • Loyalty program is a multi-level system of customer rewards.
  • Comp points – points that are awarded to players for bets. They can be changed for money, spent in a store or used in other ways.



Main Types of Promotions


Online casinos offer customers bonuses and promotions of various types. The most common activities are listed below:

Free bonus

It is also called a no deposit bonus, as it is accrued without the need to replenish the account. Most often it is provided to new players for registration of the account, but often its owners are regular customers.


  • It’s free;
  • Just do not need to refill the account.


  • He is always small;
  • Strong wager requirements;
  • A small maximum win;
  • After wagering you need to make a deposit to withdraw money;
  • Territorial restrictions often apply.

Would You take it?

Since you are not risking anything, you can not give up a free bonus. But remember that you have to replenish the account if you can meet the requirements of the wager. And the deposited deposit can not be withdrawn immediately.


Reload Bonuses


This is a kind of deposit bonuses available to regular players. They can be charged weekly, monthly, without a schedule or individually, at the decision of the administration.


  • Regular share;
  • Usually not a very hard wager.


  • They also need to win back;
  • Most often they are small.


Would You take it?

As in the case of bonuses for first deposits, you need to study all the conditions before making a decision.


High-roller bonuses


Online casinos often offer special opportunities to players who are ready to replenish their account for a large amount. For example, for them special types of welcome bonuses on starting deposits can operate.


  • Impressive amounts of bonuses;
  • Moderate wager requirements;
  • Additional advantages for high rollers.


  • Small size in percentage terms.


Would You take it?

If you are going to play at high stakes, a VIP bonus can be a good option. But compare it with basic stocks. Perhaps, standard bonuses are smaller, but more profitable.


Personal bonuses


Administration can encourage customers to individual bonuses. Most often, they are paid to regular players, which the casino is afraid of losing. But often they are offered to users who have not looked at the site for a long time.


  • Additional credits for the game.


  • Not always favorable conditions.


Would You take it?

Carefully study the rules. Not all gifts are really interesting and profitable.




Free spins on slot machines are increasingly attached to the starting bonuses on deposits. Sometimes they are available as separate shares.


  • Possibility to win a decent amount;
  • A fascinating process;
  • No additional risks.


  • Payouts in free-backs are most often awarded with bonuses that need to be won back.


Would You take it?

Usually this is really a profitable offer, not related to expenses for customers. Although it is not possible for everyone to win back the credits, it’s not worth to give up free-backs.




Luck is not always on the client’s side. Users, from whom she turned away, casinos offer a return of a certain part of the loss. It is expressed as a percentage and can have a specified maximum.


  • The real compensation is at least part of the loss.


  • Additional restrictions are possible.


Is it worth it to participate?

Since you constantly play in the casino, you do not need to give up the offer to refund you some of the lost money.


Loyalty program


In the online casino often operates a multi-level system of various incentives for regular players. Among them are points for bets and other privileges.


  • Additional features;
  • Participation in raffles and promotions;
  • Exchange of accumulated points for real money.


  • Not always really favorable terms.


Is it worth it to participate?

You will become an automatic participant in the loyalty program as soon as you register with the casino and start playing for money.



Underwater rocks


When studying the conditions for calculating bonuses and rules for participation in other promotions, pay attention to the following points:

  • Territorial restrictions – whether bonuses are available for players from your country or region;
  • Compatibility – whether it is allowed to participate in several events at once;
  • Automatic charging bonuses – when filling in the registration form, you sometimes need to manually put or remove a tick in the line about bonus promotions;
  • Models for wagering bonuses – to fulfill the requirements of the wager is usually not available in all models (blackjack, video poker and many other gambling are most often forbidden);
  • Bet – always specify the amount of the bet on which you can win back bonuses;
  • Time shares – to fulfill the conditions of the wager need in the agreed time.
  • The best approach is to learn the rules of the bonus program from cover to cover. If you have any questions, ask them immediately.

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