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Slot machine «Adults only 18+»

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This fun slot machine includes:
1. Background image (PNG: 1024×760 pixels) for the game slot machine;
2. Two unique, thematic logos (PSD: 158×198 and 346×154 pixels);
3. Game reels (PSD: 935×578 pixels);
4. Ten animated game symbols (PNG sequences: 130×130 pixels);
5. Risk game (PSD: 798×598 pixels);
6. Bonus game (PSD: 1024×767 pixels);
7. Additional animated characters (PNG: 300×300 pixels).
8. Static symbols are presented in PNG and PSD formats.

With the onset of the evening, night lights are lighting in the cities and the night life begins to swirl at full speed. All intimate relationships acquire a more palpable hue, the limits of decency are blurred and unbridled lust and passion break out to freedom. This set of graphic materials and illustrations is intended strictly for the adult audience and is made in vector style. Add to your collection a few grams of vulgarity and debauchery to create an erotic cocktail of delicate nudity and impressive winnings. Discard any shame and buy this slot machine today, because of course it deserves to be!


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