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Ikitan’s Quest

Slot machine «India Dreams»

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This fun slot machine includes:
1. Background image for the game slot machine;
2. Unique, thematic logo;
3. Game reels;
4. UI panel with buttons;
5. Fifteen animated game symbols;
6. Boot screen;
7. Splash screen – “Free spins”;
8. Risk game;
9. Bonus game.

Files are presented in the following formats: .PSD, .jpg.
Animation is presented in the following formats: PNG sequences.


If you miss the latest products in the sales section of our shop, then we hasten to please you! Now a complete set of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “India dreams” is available for purchase. The historical architecture of ancient temples, various manifestations of cultural values and all this is in a gambling whirlpool of gaming opportunities. Colored paints and spicy flavors of wild spices will carry away any unwary tourist, but those who are free to orient themselves on the terrain will be able to find real pleasure and in addition to win valuable prizes and nice amounts of gold coins!



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