Mardi Gras Mania

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This kit includes:
1. The background image for the game slot machine;
Unique, thematic logo;
2. Game reels;
3. UI panel with buttons;
4. Pop-up screen, which informs you about the prize;
5. Two pop-up screen – Total bonus win and Free Spins;
6. Paytables with symbols and values;
7. Thirteen animated game symbols of different categories, including Bonus, Scatter, Wild;
8. The thematic bonus game.

Files are presented in the following formats: .PSD, .AI, .jpg.
Animation is presented in the following formats: PNG sequence, AE project file.


We are glad to see all fans of medieval and epic battles in our game slot machine “Medieval thrones”.

Try on yourself the way of the Crown Prince and slide your troops into battle against the neighboring kingdom or arrange a friendly jousting competitions. Encourage your troops by great deeds and persistent trainings, or arrange games and organize noisy feasts. However, your enemies are making conspiracies behind your mighty back, and you’ll have to repeatedly buy spies and send double agents into enemy territory to finally arrange the enemy the most powerful siege of the castle, which he could see only in a dream.
Also, you will be provided with an impressive arsenal of deadly weapons, which will help in the battle. Do not fail your people!


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