Medieval Thrones

Slot machine «80 days travel»

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This kit includes:
1. The background image for the game slot machine;
2. Background image for the bonus game;
3. Game reels with symbols;
4. Game reels without symbols;
5. Twelve animated game symbols of different categories, including Bonus, Scatter, Wild;
6. The thematic bonus game.

Files are presented in the following formats: .PSD, .AI, .jpg.
Animation is presented in the following formats: PNG sequence, AE project file.


We are glad to present to you the game slot machine “OZ”.

You will get an unique opportunity to go on a fantastic journey to the Emerald City, to meet funny characters on your path, who will help you in your adventure, and enter to the battle with the evil witches and try to defeat them. Each companion also needs your help – the Scarecrow wants a brain, Iron Lumberman wants to have a heart, and the Lion eager to find the courage, and only the Wizard of Oz is able to realize those dreams. Prepare the eyewear, because the beauty and shine of emeralds can blind you! Go forward to meet adventures!


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