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Slot Machine “Cowboy Coin Rush”

Symbols of the slot machine

Welcome to the introductory section devoted to the development of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “Cowboy coin rush”. This slot machine is made in vector style and is based on the themes of the Wild West. It’s time of action-packed pursuits for notorious thugs and incendiary music in saloons. Competitions in marksmanship and the number of drinking alcohol. We hope that you have already reached adulthood, because the content of this slot machine provides a serious test for mature people. Dangers will lie in wait for you at every step and if you hadn’t left your faithful Colt under the pillow, then it will definitely come in handy. Insidious criminals will absolutely do everything to steal the mine of gold miners and they have already stocked a huge amount of dynamite so you will have to fight through to protect the property of honest laborers. However, all your efforts will be rewarded. In the bar you’ve been already waited by a cool whiskey and a bag of gold from your employers, and sultry beauties will brighten up your loneliness and at the same time help to direct the excess coins in the right direction. You can choose the role of the local sheriff and sit out in the stuffy office waiting for new complaints, but we believe that this is not your way. You have a more extensive field of action in a role of an adventurer and a mercenary! You can buy this online slot at

Symbols of the slot machine


This is the final version of the thematic background image for the slot machine “Cowboy coin rush”. Lonely shadow of the rider can be seen in the distance. Who is this tired traveler? A noble guardian of the law or an inveterate thug who came to the suburbs for easy profit. Very soon we will find out.


Cowboy Background image for the slot machine


Here is a pop-up screen that will inform the player about the possibility to play in bonus mode. This mode is provided in several different variations and diversifies the gameplay itself. The location and type of the bonus game appears randomly and offers several types of competitions or events.


Bonus game for the cowboy slot machine


At this screen you can see one of the bonus games where you need to pacify several bandits by well-aimed hits and restoring justice. Here you can see how the bandits are preparing to shoot at you. How good your reaction is, you can check here!


Bonus game in Action

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