Slot machine “Blood Circus”
Why do you play in a casino?

Slot machine “Freaks Fortune”

We present to your attention our new slot game, available for purchase in our shop. This slot machine, developed by our designers, covers the Halloween theme –


If you are adventurous, love to enjoy the game with a fascinating atmosphere, go to our new slot machine “Freaks Fortune” and feel to all the forces of Darkness.
More recently passed All Saints’ Day, during which we could see the whole entourage of the dark side of the world.


And here, in our store appeared wonderful slot machine dedicated to this subject. In this slot, you will find a lot of characters, characterized as symbols of magic.
Slot Symbols are dressed in magical characters people cartoon style. Here we can see and the Headless Horseman, and a witch, and zombies, and Dracula and werewolf, and hell.

Rounding out the whole picture obscurantism leading symbol – a black raven, black cat, book of spells and skull.


Backgrounds for the slot made dark, so that to convey the atmosphere of fear and terror to waft player.



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