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Slot Machine – “Maya Quest”

game reel of the slot machine Maya

Maya symbols at slot machine Maya

We added one more slot machine to our store. This time it’s a slot about the ancient Maya civilization. This culture has left a significant contribution to world history, the remnants of which have reached us. The Maya tribes made great progress in art and sculpture. The walls of the fresco in their cities are considered one of the most beautiful. The beauty of the image of people on the frescos allows you to compare these monuments of culture with the monuments of culture of the ancient world.


So, let’s go directly to the game. The slot is designed using 3D technology – all symbols have animation, backgrounds are also made in 3d. Symbols for the game were borrowed from the ancient Mayan symbols, as well as their cultural heritage, such as the pyramid and frescoes.


Indian slot symbol for the slot Maya



symbol_12 symbol_11 symbol_10 symbol_9
symbol_8 symbol_1 symbol_3 symbol_4
symbol_5 symbol_6 symbol_7 symbol_2



Want to plunge into the atmosphere of the times of the ancient Mayan tribes, to feel their spirit and culture. Once played in the Maya Quest, you will remain in his captivity for a long time. Exciting bonus games will not leave indifferent even a very skeptical player.






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