Slot machines design

Casino popularity around the world

The casino industry is gaining more and more popularity. It’s hard to find someone who does not know a city like Las Vegas, or a game like poker. The profit of institutions such as casinos is growing every year. But how much they are great, What is the actual popularity of casinos […]

Slot Machine – “Eiffel Tower”

  Who among us does not dream of going to Paris ?? Probably everyone. Even after visiting this beautiful city, being at home, we keep a warm and happy memories of time spent in this wonderful place. In our new product, slot machine “Eiffel Tower”, designers tried to convey the atmosphere of […]

Slot machine “Gold Rush”

Nowadays, only history fans know in details about the “Gold Rush”.  However, almost everyone associates items such as a carriage and a pickaxe with gold mining. Exactly these tools during the Gold Rush were indispensable for successful work at the goldmines. Mining methods were simple and “barbaric” – there, where the shovel […]
game reel of the slot machine Maya

Slot Machine – “Maya Quest”

We added one more slot machine to our store. This time it’s a slot about the ancient Maya civilization. This culture has left a significant contribution to world history, the remnants of which have reached us. The Maya tribes made great progress in art and sculpture. The walls of the fresco in […]