At the moment, you are in the “Services” page, and we have prepared a package of important information to get acquainted with the activity of our company.

The kind of our activities includes a quite wide range in graphic design, 3D-modeling and animation and visualization. Our team develops unique and rich graphics for games, slot machines and mobile applications, we draw thematic icons and symbols, create great concepts, invent various characters, using different techniques and combinations of styles.

We would like to mention that we develop and make out the location, as well as individual background images, carefully working with various elements of decor. We have often to deal with requests for the development of interfaces for game slot machines and advertising logos for your entertainment projects. Below you can find a list of our services in more detail. Welcome, if you want to create game for slot machine!


3D Slots

Our team of 3D experts implements the most insane idea and breathe life into the development of your gambling. Each symbol, each character will brought to the ideal state very carefully and with great diligence to cater the refined tastes. Any fantasy and an idea will become a reality when we get the project and the new slot machine will come to life!


Against the background of many experienced veteran developers of gaming slot machines, which started their way for a long time ago, we can safely say that today we have breathed new life into the world of gaming slot machines. In this we thanks to our team which are very versatility, an unusual approach to the choice of graphic design, as well as experience and a natural sense of humor.

In this section, we would like to draw your attention to the 3D slot machines, especially on that how the usual for many players slot machines have evolved and have acquired a much more colors and volumes. Each of you remember, what were the slot machines before, but now you can try many more variations of gaming opportunities, thanks to advanced technology and souls invested in their creation. 3D symbols look much more impressive than their two-dimensional analogues, and the characters seem alive and natural. For each object we use animation to make more interesting for you to penetrate with the essence of gameplay, and in addition, you even can notice storylines in many of our projects.

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2D Slots

Our team of 2D artists will help you to define the style and will implement ideas in the best quality. Phased project planning – from the sketch design to the final drawings. Working with us you will be able to observe the process of implementation. Introduced suggestions will help us to bring you to the desired result.




Hello again! Have you ever confused of 2d slot machines with 3d slot machines so you can not clearly distinguish one from another? Most likely not, but now you have the opportunity to test yourself on the attention again. The thing is that some of our 2d slot machines began to look so good and detailed that they can be easily mistaken with 3D slot machines.

Of course the user who is most observant and understand all the intricacies of the development, easy can see the major differences, but we just invite you to look at the quality of performance and to determine belonging of any slot machine to a particular category. As examples, we have chosen the best (in our opinion) slot machines of 2D category and placed them to the page “Projects”. For more detailed information regarding a specific slot machine you can take a look at the blog page and get acquainted with the creation process, stages of creating sketches, and drawing of all the items and additional graphic elements. Try your luck.

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Vector Slots

We’re glad to introduce you another style of performance in the area of gaming slot machines. Now you can bring a variety to your collection of virtual entertainment. Our artists will create for you a collection of excellent sketches to do the right choice much easier, and then will add graphic solutions for detailed polishing.


Vector style has never been so easy and pleasant interpreted in the universe of gaming slot machines. We constantly strive for diversity and in addition to standard solutions we’re always try to find something new and exciting, and that’s why we have prepared for you a few gaming slot machines in vector performance.

Some of you may think that the quality will be lower, and compared to the other slot machines they will look much simpler, but it’s not so. What is necessary for the realization of high-quality vector slot machine? First of all is an idea and the ability to masterfully integrate it into the general atmosphere of project which is creating. The right choice of color palette will create the necessary mood and will take the user a pleasure from the gameplay. The presence of the storyline is also one of the important components of the slot machine and therefore we carefully think about its concept to, for example, while getting to the bonus game screen, the user has to be aware of how important is every step taken on the way to winning.

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