We are glad to welcome you in the new section of our site - "Tuning". What is this and how it can be useful to you, we will explain with more details a little below. "Tuning" of slot machines is a new set of basic or additional services which includes a variety of different types of graphic design, modeling and visualization, aimed at modernization, optimization, as well as the quality of your projects and bringing them to a higher level of consumer demand in the field of online gambling entertainment. Here you can choose the most suitable profile of a specific service or a specific service package, contact our manager in Skype, or write an email and discuss the desired scope of works. Once all the details will be specified and the parties will come to an understanding - you can be sure that you made the right choice, and the result will not take long.

Custom slot design


Do you have a fully functional slot game machine with animated main character, but it became outdated and you would like to update its appearance and add a little novelty in its animation? We can completely redraw your character using our imagination while keeping the desired style, we can update a color and improve the animation movements or facial expressions, or convert it to another format and quality.


Your slot symbols not pleased with you? Do you like the new performance examples, but you don't know how to implement them? We can help you to improve the quality of your game objects. Modernization of the existing slot machines design symbols by moving from 2D to 3D graphics, giving a freshness by introducing new colors, shades and shadows. The complete redrawing is also available. Additional animation and visualization of your slot game machine definitely will please you.


Would you like to develop new background slot machine images for your new game slot machines or to improve existing ones? We know how to turn plans into reality and make a picture rich and lively. Each background image is always couched in accordance with the theme of the slot machine, that's why if you don't want to change the theme in the near future, we can maximize upgrade your background by preserving its original concept.


Complete modernization of your game interface, including navigation controls, control buttons, indicators of payments and bonus icons. Converting vector, raster elements in high-quality 3D objects and also reverse conversion. Be careful and be sure to consult with our managers to have your slot machine at the desired style, and all other items will remain in their places.

Design of new graphics


Add new elements for your characters while maintaining the style? This is not only possible, but also necessary, because with the time the graphics becomes outdated and there is an outflow of the old players to the side of new slot machines. We will help you not only keep your fan-base through some graphics solutions, but also to increase it. Any of your characters will be able to equipped with new gadgets, equipped with any objects, as well as the new article of clothing.


Improve the animation of your virtual slot machines while maintaining the current timing is absolutely not difficult, especially if our team is working with process. Adding new graphic elements will dilute usual picture of actions and will improve the overall impression of the gameplay. This can be animations of symbols, characters and animations of reels and pop-ups with information on current winnings.

Bonus games

Would you like to make changes in the content of the bonus games of your slot machine, and we are pleased to offer our assistance. Implementation of new game elements, processing of existing and creation of additional bonus games on request of a customer. The basis is the style of the existing bonus games, and we develop the necessary elements within it, such as decor or game items needed to get bonuses.


Sometimes we have to create slot machines with combined style of graphics and now we're ready to help you in that. The essence of combining consists in to without going beyond concept could be combined 3D graphics with 2d graphics, as the result is that your 3D character can be perfectly inscribed in the background image in a raster format. Also the vector and raster style are very well combined and vice versa.

Graphics assets optimization

Optimization of your gaming slot machine means accelerating its speed, upload speed and smoother gameplay. What can we offer you as this service? Naturally, we have to check all the necessary materials which are included in the game, their actual size and formats. After analysis we can convert your files to other supported formats in order to reduce the actual size without loss of quality. However, if this fails, we can offer the processing of the existing slot machine using the graphical capabilities. Changes may be as processing gaming elements, symbols, characters, slot machine icons, background images, pay tables, pop-ups, as well as bonus games and boot screens. Make sure you really need this option and then we immediately take for the work.

Modification slot mechanics


Changing the mechanics of slot machine is rather laborious process, since its implementation is spent large amounts of time and resources, but it does not mean the impossibility of this process. The character of the game of reels rotation, its speed, the moments of slowing down to a stop, getting of certain symbols and their duplicates. We will do everything exactly as you imagined and even better.


In addition to your existing slot machine, we can propose the creation of mini-games, mini-bonus rounds or doubling games. In every mini-game will be available a variety of conditions for the maximum winnings, bonus rounds increase the possibility of winning depending on the multiplier and the double games offer you to try your luck by betting. You can bet on red or black, and if you guess right, your winnings will be doubled.

Free spins

In order to get your free spins stood out from the crowd in gambling gaming, looked perfectly and were memorable, we will make maximum efforts to create individual screens of free spins with unique mechanics, customized just for you. Additional background images, indicators of bonus payments and any desired quantity of free-spins with winning combinations.

Bonus games

For each slot machine we develop additional bonus games with unique mechanics. These can be games to attention, where you have to guess the location of bonuses, as well as games consisting of several rounds, which can be visually different from each other. You can even order a bonus game with animation movies, which are used as inserts. For the imagination is no limits.

Loop Design

Background music

Any slot machine is perceived much better and atmospheric when it sounded, and therefore we offer additional services of our sound engineers that sound your new slot machine. Our team doesn't use other people's developments, and creates all sound by their own, so you can be sure of your unique voice acting of yout themed slot machines. The background music of any genre and direction that will bring pleasure to the players.


The response of characters depends on what is happening on the screen of your slot machine. If you win - the character is happy, when you lose - sad. There is also a standby mode, in which your character performs random actions. For example, you get the chance to win a big prize, and your character animated and joyfully exclaims: "Cheers, let's do it!" Our actors will choose the successful combination of voice, intonation and pronunciation.


Now the interface of your slot machine can be sounded so harmoniously that the players reach out to you like bees to honey. The animation of every character, glare, effective transitions, rotation of the reels, clicking the navigation buttons of the slot machine - and every your action will be sounded the most authentic and realistic. Everyone effect voiced by us will cause you a storm of positive emotions.


The visual component of getting the jackpots at slot machines can often be different from the others and that's why you made the right choice by visiting us. You can get the jackpot in the chest, which is difficult to open and creaks, but then gold with noise will pour to your feet, and perhaps beautiful laughing girls hide your winnings over their backs and you have to guess - who has your prize.