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Slot machine «Ikitan’s Quest»

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This fun slot machine includes:
1. Unique 3D character – Ikitan and its animations;
2. Background image for the game slot machine;
3. Unique, thematic logo;
4. Game reels;
5. UI panel with buttons;
6. Eleven animated game symbols;
7. Bonus game;
8. Paytables.

Files are presented in the following formats: .PSD, .jpg.
Animation is presented in the following formats: PNG sequences.

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Many centuries ago, the ancient gods hid from the human eyes a great treasure, which could be found only by the most perspicacious and brave adventurer. One day the Aztec Shaman Ikitan had found this treasure but decided to preserve the ancient heritage and left it at the same place. Many years have passed and now you have an opportunity to destroy the mystery and find a mysterious treasure. And to have enough time to search, we decided to make you an exclusive offer, thanks to which you can become the legal owner of a complete set of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “Ikitan’s Quest”.


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