Eiffel Tower

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This kit includes:
16 unique stylized icons

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We have prepared an exclusive set of symbols, dedicated to celebration of New Year and Christmas, where each of you will be able to find for ourselves the best.

The most long-awaited holidays the ones when people celebrate them in the circle of family and friends, exchange gifts and see off the passing year remembering various events. Each of symbols imbued with the spirit of Christmas and is filled by cheerful atmosphere of the holiday. You can warm up at the fireplace and prepare gifts for your children while they’re sleeping. Dressing up the fluffy Christmas tree with colored balls and decorate with garlands, sculpt snowman and organize noisy sledging on snow slopes. Most important thing – be kind to the people around, forgive all your debtors, show a maximum of kindness and let the spirit of Christmas live in your heart. We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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