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Slot machine «Vampire Hunters»

The price for this slot depends on the terms of sale

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This fun slot machine includes:
1. Background image for the game slot machine (PNG: 1920×1080 px);
2. Unique, thematic logo (PSD: 645×178 px);
3. Game reels (PSD: 630×500 px);
4. UI panel with buttons (PSD: 925×148 px);
5. Twelve game symbols (PNG and PSD: 250×250 px), 3 of which are animated (PNG sequence);
6. Pay tables (PSD: 937×505 px);
7. Pop-ups (PSD: 805×434 px).


Welcome, dear visitor of our site! Today is a great day to tell you the great news. Complete set of graphic materials and illustrations for the slot machine “Vampire hunters” made in vampire theme, is now available at sales section. Every fan of this thematic can find a set of great game symbols, thematic background images, the main logo, as well as auxiliary tables of rules and payments for convenient navigation around the world of the slot machine. Become a brave hunter of vampires and destroy bloodthirsty monsters before sunrise.


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