Greek Goddesses


This is an awesome game that is based on Greek mythology, where the main characters are Greek Goddesses. It was this theme that pushed the designers of this game to create it.

History, as you know, is interesting to many, therefore historical as well as mythological games are in great demand all over the world. Greek Goddesses is a truly stunning slot that attracts with its beauty thanks to its beautifully crafted graphics, perfectly matched colors, the delightful nature of the background, as well as the creative concept of the game.

Greek Goddesses slot is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. Incredibly attractive rendering works wonders together with live animation. A convenient control panel, unusual reels, the beauty of the selected symbols – this and much more is really impressive. And there are a lot of options for winning symbols. Everything to increase your deposit and have a pleasant pastime.


On the main background of the slot, there is a reel of a non-standard shape, consisting of two parts: small and large, which are visually divided into three columns, where all the slot symbols of different sizes are placed. They are belong to all categories. At the top of the reel there is an inscription of the Greek Goddesses slot itself in an oval shape with an abundance of figured gold elements with a red background. The reel itself is also made of gold and decorated with elements in the Greek style. At the bottom there is a control panel with buttons and cells, as well as a blue Reveal button in the lower right corner.



Gorgeous background of the slot, which shows the nature of Greece. In the center there is a blue sea surrounded by high mountains immersed in dense greenery of trees, grass and firs. In the foreground is the Greek Palace of the Goddesses made of stone with columns on the facade and steps. In the foreground, near the palace, there is a well-worn path leading into the distance through the forest to the water. The peaks of the mountains in the background look up into a blue, cloudy sky.



Here are three symbols of the slot, belonging to the highest category. They occupy the height of three standard symbols on the reel at once. Three symbols: Artemis – the goddess of the hunt, Athena – the goddess of wisdom and Aphrodite – the goddess of love. Artemis is presented in a gold short dress with arrows behind her back, as well as a gold headdress with laurel leaves and a crescent moon, Athena in a blue dress with a shield and a spear, as well as a gold headdress, and Aphrodite in a short white dress with gold decor. Along the perimeter, the symbols are decorated in the corners with a curly pattern of blue, green and lilac colors.


The animation shows the appearance of symbols on the screen, where, with the appearance of Artemis, her belt, bracelet and headdress shimmer with gold, the dress develops slightly on her, she holds a bow in her hand, and arrows behind her back. Aphrodite in a long blue dress, it develops slightly on her, the headdress, spear and shield shimmer with gold. And Athena, with her appearance in the background, the sea rages, and a dress develops slightly on her, and pearl beads shimmer on her neck. Also, all three symbols around the perimeter are highlighted with golden shimmer and tints.



The screen displays symbols of the highest category, which depict the faces of the goddesses Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite. Each symbol has a unique background and border color.



The symbols of the slot are presented on the screen, in the center is the god Zeus the Thunderer, in whose hand there is a sparkling lightning. A red pillow with a laurel wreath, a wooden harp, a ring with a red stone, and an emblem on a red background are also presented.


Animation of symbols. Zeus waves his hand and lightning flashes in his hands. Lightning also erupts in the background. On the red pillow, the leaves of the wreath move. The musical instrument shimmers with gold, the ring shimmers and its stone shimmers, and the Greek Goddesses symbol shimmers with gold.



Here are three-dimensional letters and numbers in the Greek style in different colors.


Animation of letters and numbers shows how letters and numbers spin in a circle.



Big Win pop-up. The inscription is presented in large colored letters on the background of coins and a shimmering glow from the center.



Mega Win pop-up. The inscription is presented in large colored letters on the background of coins and a shimmering blue-violet glow from the center.



Gigantic Win pop-up. A spectacular bright inscription in volumetric letters, which is presented on a background of gold coins, as well as a shining colored shimmer.



Colossal Win pop-up. The inscription is presented on a bright background of colored radiance, on a background of gold coins in large colored letters. The amount of the winnings is placed below.



Unbelievable Win pop-up. An inscription “Unbelievable Win” in large colored letters is placed on a background of colored shimmer, gold coins and precious colored stones.


Pop-up animation. Winnings Big Win, Mega Win, Gigantic Win, Colossal Win, Unbelievable Win appear on the screen one after another. They’re presented on unique multi-colored backgrounds with gold shimmering coins, and precious stones, which shimmer with gold.



Pay table is designed in a black rectangle, with gold frame, and contains the main symbols of this game. This variation presents the symbol of Zeus and Greek Goddesses. Near each symbol there is a quantitative value, and the amount of payments for each is on the right. At the bottom center is a round button with navigation arrows on the sides. The button has an inscription “return to the game”.



The second page of the pay table, which contains three symbols of the highest category, where goddesses are depicted in vertical rectangular frames. Near each symbol there is a quantitative value and the amount paid for each.



The following pay table shows the middle tier symbols: harp, ring, and laurel wreath pillow. They are located in one line. And next to each there is a quantitative value and the amount of payments for each. At the top, in white letters, there is an inscription Pay table, and at the bottom there is a gold button “return to the game”.



The pay table, which contains the symbols of the lowest category: letters and numbers. Next to each of them there is a quantitative value and the amount of payments for each is shown.



All variants of winning lines are presented on the rectangular black screen of the pay table. Each variant of the drawing of symbols, which is presented here on the paytable screen, has certain winning values.



The following pay table shows the winning combinations of all the symbols of this game, which can randomly appear on the screen. At the bottom of the paytable, there is a round gold return-to-play button with navigation buttons on the sides.



In the center, on a background of bright colored shimmer and an abundance of gold coins, there is a congratulatory inscription. It says here that you are entering the free spins game. Below that is the square orange OK button.



“Congratulations” title in gold lettering on a black background. It says that you have won a certain amount of money from the free spins game. At the bottom is the orange OK button.



The congratulation screen, presented on the main background of the slot, as well as on the background of bright colored flickering and gold coins. It is a rectangular gold frame with a black background with “Congratulations” in large gold letters at the top. This screen tells you that you are entering the bonus game.



The final screen of congratulations. On a black background, there is the Congratulations inscription in large gold letters, under which it says that you have won a certain amount of money from the bonus game. Below in the center there is the orange OK button.



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