Wild Zeus


What do you know about Zeus the Thunderer? Have you ever heard about myths of Ancient Greece? If yes, you will be pleasantly surprised by the slot WILD ZEUS.

Huge, powerful and mysterious Zeus the Thunderer, merciless and cruel, is a main character of the game. Everyone knows whom the jokes are bad with.

This slot WILD ZEUS is made by the best professionals, including great animations, cool and creative graphics and clear control panel for each player. Everyone can feel the time of Ancient Greece from the first minutes and during all the game, and win an amount of money.


In the central part of the screen we see the slot reel on the main background, divided into five equal columns containing all kinds of slot symbols. There is the large letters inscription WILD ZEUS on the top of it with the stone background. In the bottom of it there is the control panel which contains several stone cells with the name of the balance, message, bet and win. There are also additional navigation buttons in it.  The navigation bar has a large orange SPIN button in the right corner.



This is the main background of the slot WILD ZEUS. This background is typical for Greek mythology and ancient Greek gods. The dark sky is shrouded in thunderclouds where flashing lightning erupts. In the middle of the picture we see the Greek building with stone columns, stone steps. There are many ruined columns and trees next to the building. High mountains are shown in the background.


Here we have the animated background where lightning flashes around the ruined Greek Gods building.



It’s the night background shown in gray-brown shades. The same ruined Ancient Greek building with massive dark thunderclouds above with flash lightnings around it – everything contains the main idea – Wild Zeus power.


The animated night background with an ancient building in the center of it, with lightning flashes around.



One more background of the slot WILD ZEUS, with a predominance of dark blue shades, with an ancient building with columns in Greek style in the center of it. There are huge and massive thunderclouds above the building wish strong flash lightnings around.


An animated picture of the slot shows us flashes of huge and strong lightning around the building that appear on the screen one by one from huge clouds above, creating a sense of fear from the power of Zeus the Thunderer.



In the middle of the screen we see the high symbol WILD,  it’s vertical, it has triple height on the reel. On the background of the symbol we see the lightning in huge dark clouds. The frame of the symbol is made of stone in the Greek style.



This is the high category symbol. WILD ZEUS, the main character of the slot, who stands in the center with flash lightning in his hands, with bright lightning behind him in the dark sky, and with lightning flashes from his eyes. Zeus stands in grey-white clothes with a gold belt at his waist. The gold frame of this symbol is made in Greek style.



Here we have three symbols belonged to the high category. All symbols are in stone frames with blue stone inscriptions. Scatter – it’s a hand of Zeus appears from the bottom holding the lightning. Wild – a Round medal with an ancient Greek goddess in it.  The medal is made of gold.  Blood tears flow from the eyes of the goddess. Scatter – Zeus arm, it’s with a gold bracelet on the wrist, with flash lightning in his hand.



There are three regular symbols without frames, defeated gods by Zeus. The first one is on a fiery background, his body is split into many dark parts, it glows with fire from the inside. The second one is the stone Goddess with curly hair, with dark eyes and lips and with dark blood flows from them. Her body is with cracks. The third one is a man, struck down by lightning.  His eyes and mouth are open, and bright flashes of lightning erupt from them.



Here we see Greek letters shown in different colours. These letters belong to the low-level symbols. These letters have their own and unique colour and each of them sparkles with lightning.


The screen with animated symbols. The huge one – Zeus, who moves with his hands with bright lightnings flash, and his body flashes with lightnings. A Vertical symbol Wild also flashes with lightning. Lightning wild symbol is animated with gold brights. Two scatter symbols flash with bright lightning. Small Zeus symbol is animated with lightning flashes. Other – regular symbols: a man flashes with lightning, a stone body which is split into many dark parts mysteriously disappear, the stone goddess is animated with gold flashes from the inside of the body. Greek letters are illuminated around the perimeter with a golden glow.


A vertical animated symbol Wild. It’s illuminated with a bright neon glow around the perimeter.



Pop-up Wild Zeus. In the middle of the screen we see two Zeus symbols. Wild Zeus words are on the top. It is shown “You win 99 free spins”.



Congratulation screen with the word CONGRATULATION in blue letters is placed on the top. It is said that you win an amount of coins in 99 free spins.



Lighting Wild screen. Yellow huge letters of “Lighting Wild” are placed on the top of the screen. There is a vertical wild symbol with lightning and the description of it: you win 99 free spins. Lighting wild x2 appear and stick during free spins!



Pop-up Big Win. There is a ruined stone wall with ruined columns, and with the inscription with white huge letters BIG WIN with lightning, you win a sum of money.



Pop-up Mega Win. There in the inscription in the ruined wall with orange letters MEGA WIN and with “you win a sum of money” below.



Pop-up Super Win. The inscription with red letters SUPER WIN is on the wall with “you win a sum of money” below it.



Jackpot pop-up. The JACKPOT inscription on the wall with yellow letters is on the ruined stone wall, with “you win a sum of money” below.


Animated pop-ups. In the middle of the screen pop-ups appear one by one with the ruined white stone and lightnings on it, where every inscription is highlighted with bright flickers.








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