Goblin Mine




Goblin Themed online slot game

This slot is about supernatural and humanoid creatures that, according to mythology, live in caves. They absolutely cannot stand sunlight. They are quite ugly creatures, they have long ears, cat-like eyes, and long claws on their hands. Goblins hide their ears under a hat, their claws in gloves, but their eyes can’t be hidden, so you can recognize them by their eyes. The main action of the Goblin Mine slot takes place in a goblin mine.

There, these evil creatures mine precious stones. We see bloodied goblins, evil and bloodthirsty. There are many skulls and bones in the cave in the mine, and burning torches are everywhere. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –  https://saleslotmachines.com/product/goblin-mine/.

Above, there is the “Goblin Mine” slot reel, located on one of the backgrounds of the game. The reel is divided into five identical columns with symbols of different categories in them, at the top there is a name made of stone letters Goblin Mine, and at the bottom there is a control panel against the background of boards and stones, where cells with balance, messages, bets and winnings are presented, additional navigation buttons, as well as the round SPIN button at the bottom right. Around the perimeter, the reel is decorated with stones and pieces of wood with the addition of ropes.

Here is the main background of the Goblin Mine slot. Its a dark stone cave with many wooden buildings, pendant passages, which are hung with old tattered rags, with lighted torches that illuminate the dwelling of monsters. At the top of the cave and on the side, the cave is illuminated by sunlight. Clear turquoise water is visible below:



The slot’s animation vividly conveys the realities of cave life, creating the illusion of presence. A fire burning in torches spreads light to nearby objects, reflecting its light on them. The water in the cave is quite calm, its surface is somewhat rippling:


Another background of the slot – it differs in the dark time of the day, the cave is less illuminated by daylight, and in the niches of the cave you can see the illumination from a burning torch, inside and outside:



Slot background animation: from the niches of the cave, going up. The fire burning in torches, which are located in the cave, spreads light to nearby objects, reflecting its light on them. The surface of the water in the cave is quite calm. Also in the cave there were added skulls, stones, and a human skeleton can be seen on the right.


Here are the symbols of the category High. These are four symbols in square frames of metal and precious stones, with sharp claws.

  • WILD is a top tier bonus that occupies three positions, in a rectangular frame made of steel chain, pieces of meat and stone. Stone signature with bold outline, with addition of skulls in the left corner. An evil green goblin in full height, with fangs and an evil grin, glowing red eyes, a long red tongue. He has a big belly and holds a bloody stone sledgehammer in his hand.
  • WILD X50 is a symbol on the background of a metal frame with green stones, where the inscription is represented by curved green letters.
  • Another WILD symbol is presented in the form of a wooden mug with a metal handle, with a frothy splashing rum.
  • BONUS – explosive rewound in chains with a lit fuse.
  • SCATTER – the main element of the symbol is a stone wheelbarrow with a stone wheel and on wooden holders, stuffed to the top with precious gems.



Animated symbols come to life, creating a sense of reality in the use of each of them:

  • WILD – explosive explosives that scatter in all directions, leaving debris and fragments;
  • SCATTER – a stone cart with precious gems bouncing in place;
  • BONUS is a bouncing mug with splashing content;
  • WILD with a goblin – a formidable goblin with a vicious grin and a tongue sticking out behind its fangs, stamping its foot with such force that the ground shakes under it. And blood flows from the name WILD.


Below are three regular goblins in square frames, each with a unique background. The first goblin is green, dressed with a bow and arrow with red glowing eyes, chuckles with a vicious grin, waving his hand. The second is a blue, evilly laughing goblin, located in profile, holding an explosive with a burning wick in his hands. The third red goblin, in steel mail, laughs and bleeds from his mouth.



Next symbols are presented without borders. This is a glass lamp on a metal frame with handles, a wooden stonecutter with steel tips, and a blood-stained metal shovel with a wooden handle and a metal handle.



Animated symbols, where a fire burns in a glass lamp, illuminating the space, a stone cutter – light gleams on it, blood flows from a shovel. Below we see four symbols – letters: A, K, Q, J in red, salad, orange and blue. The letters sparkle diagonally with light.


Here are WILD symbols (Gems), which, when dropped on the reel at the time of the additional game, significantly increase the winnings. How many times you can increase your winnings is written on each stone in large golden numbers.



All seven gems in the presented animation literally come to life, the edges of each stone shimmer and sparkle, and the inscriptions and quantitative meaning shimmer with gold.


Four symbols of the category Low are three-dimensional stone letters: A, K, Q, J in red, light green, orange and blue.







Big Win pop-up, presented on the backdrop of a canvas suspended from a wooden frame of broken log cabins rewound by ropes, with skulls at the corners, from which green slime drips, with claws and scratches from claws on the wood, also complemented by bright red crystals. In the center there is an inscription in big red letters Big Win, which says that you have won a certain amount of money:



Mega Win pop-up on the canvas, where in the center there is an inscription in large red letters “Mega Win”, where you won the amount of money represented in large numbers below:



Super Win pop-up design: In the center there is an inscription in large gold letters Super Win, where you won the amount of money.



Bonus game pop-up: a canvas of leather, stretched on pieces of wood with ropes and bright red crystals at the bottom; a large fireball in the center with the BONUS inscription. It says that you have won a certain number of coins from the bonus game. And even below is the calculation of points and the final winnings.



Pop-up with a bonus game: the screen shows a fabric on wooden stretchers with skulls and crystals. There is a bonus inscription in the center in large brown letters. And below is the inscription that you have won a certain number of coins from the bonus game. As well as the calculation of points and the final winnings.



Pop-up window: a black leather cloth with a fireball in large, bright red letters bears the inscription BOOM! And below is the call – to find a new mine.



Congratulatory inscription on a textile cloth with skulls in the corners in large yellow letters – Congratulation. It indicates that you have won a certain amount of coins from playing 99 free spins.



A pop-uopwindow with a stone cart filled to the top with jewels, next to it is an inscription that you won 99 free spins. And below are the gems that increase the chances of winning that appear on the reel.



POP-UP with a textile fabric flying out of the middle of the slot reel, which replaces the entire screen.


POP-UP black leather canvases on wooden streamers with a fireball from an explosion in the center, flying out from the middle of the slot reel, which replaces the entire screen.


Pop-up window with linen, ropes and stone cutter. There is an inscription at the top of the inscription in gold letters. This is the drum roll standby mode. This means that when you start scrolling the reels with the SPIN button, the reels start from left to right, but only four of them stop one after the other. And the fifth – this very same waiting mode for a few seconds, which creates a special tension for the player, who will decide the final combination of the dropped symbols and determine the win.















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