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What do we know about casinos? Surely, each of us associates the lucky three sevens with the casino. What about the jokers? If we are talking about a joker, then everyone imagines a deck of cards in which these jokers are present.

Now the combination of 777. Three sevens is a happy combination that absolutely everyone has heard about, and in which everyone believes. Therefore, everyone has a symbolic set of numbers imprinted in their heads, embodying good luck and chance. You can see such symbolic elements in this case in the Sigma Gold slot.

Also, in addition to this, we would like to note the elements of feng shui. This slot was developed precisely through the prism of Chinese symbols. Therefore, if all these elements mentioned above are close to you, try to plunge into the world of Feng Shui, three sevens and the joker. Stunning graphics, perfect rendering, great animation, perfect creativity and many symbolic elements of luck and a lucky chance – what could be better?


In the center of the screen there is a splash screen with the name of the slot in big golden letters “Sigma Gold”, on the background of which there is a golden face of a dragon with diamonds, a curly red seven and a Joker with cards in his hands.



The reel of the Sigma Gold slot is present on the main background of the slot. It is placed in the middle of the screen and is visually divided into five identical columns, in which all the symbols of the game are located. The reel itself is decorated with a gold frame, on the sides it is decorated with figures of a dragon with the inscriptions ALL WAYS. At the bottom of the reel, there is a control panel with rectangular cells in a gold frame, which displays the balance, messages, bets and winnings. There are also navigation buttons here, and on the right corner there is a large red Spin button in a gold border.



The main background is presented in a noble red and burgundy color scheme, in oriental style, which corresponds to the style of the casino.



There are four jokers in square gold frames. Each joker holds cards in his hands. His hand is in a glove, and he has the joker’s hat on his head. All of these jokers are presented in a specific color scheme: purple, green, blue and red.


Jokers animation. All four jokers are zoomed out during the animation and each joker throws a deck of cards in his hand. Then the jokers show a certain winning combination in the hand.



Three BAR symbols. They are presented on a single horizontal line. The first bar contains three rectangular bars, the second two and the third one is a single variant. All three of these rectangular BARs are presented in colors: blue, green, red.


Animation of BAR symbols. All rectangular parts of each bar shimmer around the perimeter both in the frame, and the central letters are brightly highlighted one after the other.



Lucky three sevens. These are also symbols of the presented game. Each seven has a curly shape and a certain color. The first seven is blue with water streaks on it. The second is red with a bright yellow fiery flame. And the third is a bluish color with snowflakes.


In the animation, we see the scale of these symbols and the shimmer of white light around the perimeter of each of them.



Another set of game symbols. This category offers five bright elements of the slot: a golden dragon’s head, a large faceted diamond, a gold Chinese coin with inscriptions and a red ribbon, a cat of luck with a coin and waving its foot, and a golden bell.


Animation of the presented symbols. The golden head of the dragon shimmers with a fiery golden color and hides behind a bright flash of a fireball. The blue diamond shimmers and sparkles in all places of its cutting, the coin shimmers along the rim with a bright glow, the white cat also shimmers with a bright white section along the perimeter. And the golden bell rings relentlessly.



In the middle of the screen there is a reel with a bonus game, where gold Chinese coins are located in four columns. The bonus game involves guessing the winning combinations from the Jokers. That is, flipping the coin on the other side, you should see the joker itself. The result of the game is an increase in your deposit during the game, depending on the selected coins. At the bottom of the reel, “Game over” is written in big golden letters, just below the rectangular cells where credit, winnings and the total amount are placed, there is also a golden auto play button. It assumes not an independent choice of coins, but a random one.


Above is the animation of the bonus game, where 12 gold coins, which are beautifully shimmering with gold, are turned over in any order and jokers are shown.



Pop-up BIG WIN. In the center of the screen, the inscription BIG WIN is shown in large gold letters. At the bottom, a black rectangle with a beautiful gold frame represents the winning, which is also designed in gold numbers.



Pop-up Total win is also shown on the background of the slot reel. Total win is centered. The inscription is presented in large beautiful gold letters. Below, on the black rectangle, there is the winning amount, which is shown in gold numbers. The rectangle is decorated with a gold frame.



Screen with jackpots and jokers on them. “Grand Jackpot” is drawn in large red letters with a red joker next to it . Below is the purple Major Jackpot, with the purple joker. Green joker and a MINI jackpot in green with an inscription under it in gold numbers is placed on the left. On the right is a blue joker with a MINOR jackpot and the amount of winnings below it. In the middle is a large red chest with gold Chinese painting on a gold plinth with various elements of gold dragons on the sides.


The screen shows how all jackpots and jokers are highlighted and shimmered in gold during the animation. And the lid of the chest, presented at the very bottom of the screen, slides to the side, and we see a lot of gold in it.



Pay table. All payments for each symbol, as well as jackpot payments are presented on the main background of the screen. Each symbol is presented in a black rectangle with a gold frame. Each symbol has a minimum and maximum winnings.



Pay table, where jokers, a diamond, a coin, three sevens and three bars are presented in rectangles in gold frames. Here, next to each symbol, the minimum and maximum variants of cash payments are indicated.



Congratulations screen. In the center there is a red field in a golden fire-shaped frame, where the inscription congratulations is located in the center in golden gradient letters. It says here that you are entering the free spins game. And at the bottom there is a round red ok button with a gold rim.



Congratulations inscription presented in gold letters. It says that you have won a certain amount of money from a free spins game. At the bottom there is a red round button ok.



Window with a congratulatory inscription. The same red round field with a gold rim in the form of a flame of fire, at the bottom there is a round button ok. Congratulations are in the center in gold letters. This window tells you that you are entering the bonus game.



Another inscription of congratulations. It says here that you have won a certain amount of money in the bonus game. At the bottom there is a round OK button.


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