We all believe in fairy tales and miracles. And each of us in childhood imagined a magical land that does not exist. Everyone had their own. Someone imagined a heavenly place, someone simply associated it with some interesting fairy tale, but everyone created their own Neverland world in their heads.

The Neverland slot has gathered all the creative ideas and designs that made it possible to realize a great game, interesting, exciting and very colorful. The main characters are boys – sly teenagers who are also interested in the topic of money. Right there we see a pirate, a pirate ship, a treasure map, a treasure chest, as well as magic elves, no less magical alarm clock and card symbols that tell us that we are in a game that allows us to spend our leisure time with pleasure and not less pleasure in the company with the main characters to try the luck to win.

Great rendering, beautiful graphics, vibrant colors, ease of use and an easy-to-use control panel – what could be better? The game is perfect and interesting even for beginners.


On the main background of the Neverland slot, there is a rectangular reel, which is visually divided into five identical columns. The frame is made of expensive mahogany and decorated with carvings on the sides. Above, on the background of mahogany and papyri, the inscription “Lost boys in Neverland” is made. On the reel we see all the categories of symbols for the game. At the bottom there is a control panel with rectangular cells for balance, messages, bets and winnings. It is also complemented by navigation buttons and a round red spin button with yellow letters.



The main background of the slot is a part of the ship, made of wood, where on the left side there is a wooden mast, with a metal lantern on it and strong ropes. Nearby there is a hatch to the hold. On the right side there is a cannon on wheels. Also, the ship is decorated with carved wooden elements and an abundance of ropes. In the background we see a calm blue lagoon surrounded by rocky shores with yellow sand and a little greenery with palm trees. The blue expanse of the sea recedes into the distance beyond the horizon and gently connects with the blue cloudy sky.



The background of the game, which depicts the stern of the ship with a beautiful carved wooden side and glass metal lanterns installed on it around the perimeter. Also, the ship is complemented by strong ropes. In the background you can see rocks, blue sea and blue cloudy sky.



The third background of the game Neverland. Among the dense greenery, we see a beautiful rocky area with blue water and a waterfall cascading into it. The water is decorated with a water lily leaf and red and green leaves. In the foreground and background of the picture, there are curved tree trunks with an abundance of green foliage and palm trees.



Here we see the Wild symbols. On the left is a 1×1 Wild with various pirate emotes. On the right – Expanded Wild, which occupies three vertical elements at once on the reel. The symbols are presented in a thin gold frame around the perimeter, which is complemented by red gems in the corners. The pirate is dressed in a lilac hat with a feather and lilac breeches, white knee-highs and black shoes, in a blue frock coat with a white collar, with a sword and a hook hand.



The next two symbols of the highest order are elves. They are presented in gold frames, which are decorated with red precious stones at the corners. The first is Wild symbol. It depicts an elf girl with wings. Bonus symbol is next to it. We see an elf boy in a hat with a feather and in green clothes.



These are the symbols of the main category. They contain three main elements – the main characters of the slot. They are presented in frames made of wood, which are hammered with nails at the corners. The first boy is dressed in orange clothes with a hood with ears. He holds gold coins in his hands. The second is a fat boy in clothes with bear ears, with white bangs and holding a slingshot in his hands. The third boy is dressed as a pink hare with crossed arms on his chest.



Here are the next symbols of the slot: two at the top in gold frames and two at the bottom in regular ones. The main symbol of this element is a wooden chest with metal elements around and a lock, located near it with gold coins and precious stones. Next – the Wild symbol – an elf girl with pink wings; and two elements below: a red alarm clock and a treasure map with a feather and a pirate wax seal.



Symbols of the lowest category: these are card symbols of clubs, spades, diamonds and hearts. They are each presented in an individual color: green, purple, blue and red. They are decorated with gold along the perimeter.



In the middle of the screen, on the background of a half-submerged ship and a blue lagoon, there is a huge green crocodile with an open mouth, which splashes in the water.



On the screen of the reel there is a bonus game, where the steering wheel of a ship made of wood of gold is represented as a game field, divided into eight identical sectors with numbers. This decision suggests that this bonus game allows the player to increase his balance by means of the dropped out numerical combination during the spinning.



Pan vs Hook Free Spins. There are three options for the slot symbols to appear on the screen, allowing you to get free spins. It can be a Bonus symbol – an elf boy and a number of free spins. The Bonus symbol with Wild, as well as the Wild symbol increased several times.
Below, on a wooden background in gold letters, there is a START button. By clicking on the button, you will get one of the prizes.



The pop-up shows a bright red ribbon with “Congratulations” in large gold letters with a green cap centered with a red feather. Below in the flickering magic haze it is said that you have won a certain amount in Free spins. And on the side, an elf girl with wings and a magic wand creates magic.



Rectangular Mahogany Pay table. At the top middle, the inscription Paytable is set on a background of mahogany and swirling papyrus. On the top right is a close button. There are three WILD symbols on the screen and below them is an inscription stating that WILD replaces any other symbol on the reel, except SCATTER and BONUS. There is a BONUS symbol next to it in the window, and below it it says that three or more BONUS symbols anywhere on the active pay line will trigger a bonus round. Below are the buttons for switching pages and page numbers 1, 2, 3.



The second page of the pay table. It is still presented in a rectangular wooden window and here the symbols are shown in two rows: boys, an alarm clock, a chest and a map. Quantitative characteristics are indicated next to them, and next to them is the amount of payments.



The third page of pay tables. The same rectangular screen, which presents four symbols of the lower category – card symbols, near which there is a quantitative characteristic and next to the amount of payments for each.



Congratulations pop-up. In the middle, on the background of the reel, there is a red rag hanging banner with the inscription “Congratulations” in large gold letters. At the bottom in the window on a black background it says that you are entering the free spins game. And at the bottom there is a wooden button OK.



A congratulatory window with the word “Congratulations” on a red banner. It says that you have won a certain amount of money from playing in free spins.



A congratulatory window with “Congratulations” inscription in gold letters on a red rag banner. It says below that you are entering the bonus game. At the bottom center is the button ok.



The final pop-up window. In the middle, on a red banner, there is the inscription Congratulations in beautiful gold letters. And under it there is an inscription saying that you have won the amount of money from the bonus game.


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