Book of Templar


What do we know about the Templars? The Templars are the poor soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Their knightly order was founded on the holy land in 1119 by a small group of French knights. The story tells that nine French knights at one time gave the Patriarch of Jerusalem a vow of chastity, poverty and obedience, in fact, from that time on they began to be called the poor wars of Christ, the defenders of the Jerusalem temple. And there is the name “Temple”.

The Templars are members of a spiritual knightly order. It is thanks to this incredible story that has left its mark on the awesome Book of Templar slot. The developers tried in every possible way to convey the spirit of the past, with the help of graphics, creativity and maximum ease of use, so that each player could plunge into this ancient era, being in the modern world, feel the flavor of the past and increase his fortune. You can buy this slot game at our store –


Here is the Book of Templar reels. On the main background of the game, in the center of the screen, there is a main reel made of stone, with beautiful columns on the sides with ornamental decorative stone elements. The reel itself is divided into five visually identical columns, in which all the symbols of the given slot are placed. At the top there is the title ‘Book of Templar’, designed in gold volumetric letters. At the bottom there is the control panel, which contains the cells of the balance, messages, bets, winnings, as well as additional buttons. And on the right there is a large round SPIN button in big red letters. Also on the sides of the columns there are vertical inserts which contains “10 lines” inscription.



Here is the main background of the slot machine. This is an interior of the temple with high columns and domed roofs, which are illuminated by lighted torches. Also, burning torches are placed at the entrance from all sides and on the walls of the room. In the center there is a path that is made of small stones with a certain pattern of a given theme. Also on the walls we see spears, axes, installed benches, as well as metal shields – everything in the spirit of the Templars.



The picture shows the special symbols of this game in two rows. Their features are square, stone-lined frames, personalized backgrounds and key elements. The first symbol is a golden book, with a beautiful ornament, frame, decorated with a precious stone with a red bookmark among the already frayed pages. The second symbol is a cross of templars and a ring in the form of a crown, that is made in steel with a red ornament. The third is a symbol made of gold with a central letter G – the Order of the Assassins. Below is the protective shield of the Templars with their red order. And the last one is a representative of the Knights Templar, in a steel helmet, with gloves, with a steel sword over his shoulder, traditional for those times attire. He has the Templar mark in the center of his chest.



Here are the symbols of the lowest category – these are letters and numbers. They are made of natural stone and complemented by decor. Each has its own color. These are the letters A, K, Q, J, and the number 10.



Further, before us on the screen appears the book of the Templars. The inscription “Book of Templar” is placed at the top and made in gold, at the bottom there is a Continue button. On the left side of the book there are three symbols of this game – these are books, and under them there is an inscription that three or more of these symbols cause 10 free spins. On the right side there is also a special symbol of this game – this is the Order of the Assassins. Under it there is an inscription that a special symbol increases the winnings during the game with free spins. Win up to 5000 of your bet!



A special symbol is presented here on the screen – this is the Order of the Assassins. On the right side there is a congratulatory inscription in gold letters: «Congratulations, you won 10 free spins».



Here on the screen on the left side there is a symbol – the Order of the Assassins. And on the right side in large gold letters there is a congratulatory inscription in gold letters – Congratulations. And below – you won a certain amount of money, which is also represented by voluminous gold numbers.


An animation is shown on the screen – the appearance of the book of the Templars. On the main background of the reels, a golden 3D book appears from the center, opens, and at the moment of opening, its beautiful painted sheets are turned over.


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