We all know Robin Hood. This is the same bad-good character who robbed the rich and helped the poor. In the storyline of the same name, a Spanish storyline was created, where Zorro is the main character. This is the same brave hero who is represented in the mask. He always comes to help the disadvantaged people of Spain.

The incredibly beautiful Zorro slot, made in a classic style, attracts attention with its stunning graphics, beautiful background pictures, beautifully rendered symbols and incredibly effective animation. Getting acquainted with the slot, from the first seconds you immerse yourself in the theme of Medieval Spain, feeling its spirit, beauty and grandeur of this country. This is a game with its own charisma and character. Moreover, the abundance of gold and shimmer creates even more effect of romance, risk and wealth at the same time.


The screen presents a Splash Screen with a handwritten letter in the center. It is complemented by a red Rose and a black mask with the Z symbol – Zorro. Below is a red rectangular “Continue” button.


The animation shows a beautiful flickering of a rose and a black mask in the center of the screen.



On the main daytime background of the slot, in the center of the screen, there is a reel made of pure style around the perimeter, and  decorated with forged decor, swords and Zorro symbols. There is the Zorro logo at the top. The reels are divided into identical vertical columns with different symbols in them. At the bottom there is a control panel with cells and buttons necessary for the game. A large blue Reveal button is placed in the right corner.



Day background of Zorro slot. The picture shows the city where the main events take place. Residential buildings with windows, balconies and entrance doors are located on the left and right sides. On the right, on the steps, there is a staircase with a door on which you can see Z-symbol with a sword stuck in it. On the left side, on the wall of the old building, we see the shadow of the protagonist with the sword raised up. Along a cobbled street, a road leads into the distance to the white chapel, behind which there is a forest.



A picture showing the city at night. The same street with residential stone old buildings on the sides, where lights are seen in the windows and above the doors. The moon in the starry sky illuminates the building and trees. The shadow of Zorro is visible on the left side on the old building’s wall.



There are four symbols of the highest category on the screen. They are arranged in beautiful rectangular frames, decorated with golden leaves and green shoots with thorns, complemented by precious stones in the form of hearts at the corners. Jackpot with the Z symbol – Zorro is on a burgundy background, complemented by a vertical steel sword. Next – the Wild symbol, – the main character of the game – Zorro, on a galloping horse, under the moon. He is dressed in all black. Below is the woman character in red with red flowers in her head with a red fan. And next to it – Zorro in a mask, hat and with its sword.


Animation of symbols of the highest category. Jackpot symbol – a sword and a golden Z symbol approaches, shimmering brightly and shimmering with gold. The frame around the perimeter also flickers and the letters shimmer in gold. Wild symbol – Zorro rides a horse. The dark horse shimmers with a silvery shimmer, just like the Zorro cloak. The horse reared up, his eyes shine bright red, and steam is coming from the horse’s nostrils. The gold frame shimmers with gold incredibly beautifully and flickers with bright flashes. Below in the symbols is a girl with a fan, she slightly covers her face with a fan, waving it, and the frame itself around the perimeter is beautifully highlighted with a small silvery flicker; hearts shimmer beautifully. Zorro is also illuminated with a silvery shimmer, his blinking eyes are visible through the mask, his sword reflects light, the frame flickers around the perimeter and the hearts shimmer.



Here are five symbols of the middle category. This is a beautiful brown textile fan with a beautiful embroidered pattern and tassel; a letter with a red rose1; black mask complemented by gold. Opened large rosebud with drops on the petals and green leaves; as well as a braided whip with a handle.


Animation of symbols. The fan is waving, it is beautifully illuminated from all sides, as if a beautiful shimmer falls from it. A rose with a letter around the perimeter shimmers beautifully with silver, the mask also flickers around the perimeter and is highlighted in bright red in the eye area. The opened rosebud shimmers and flickers from all directions, while the whip shimmers along its entire length.



There are four letters here – symbols of the lowest category A, K, Q and J. The letters are presented in red, green, blue and lilac colors. The letters are decorated with gold along the perimeter.



In a rectangular window in a steel frame with the name of the Zorro slot, there are three symbols of the highest category for playing with free spins. Below each one there are colored rectangular buttons on which it is written – “Start Free Spins.” Above each symbol there is a quantitative value of free spins with additional explanations under each one.



Pop-up. On the screen there is an inscription in the center – “Welcome to 10 Free Spins feature!”. At the bottom there is a rectangular red OK button.



One more pop-up. An inscription “Thanks for playing. You’ve won 10″  is made in big beautiful green and gold letters, and at the bottom there is an OK button.



Congratulations window. In the center there is the inscription Сongratulations! It says below that your Free Spins game is completed. At the bottom there is a red OK button.



Big Win pop-up. A golden Big Win inscription is placed on the background of pink rose petals, in the center. Below is the amount of the winnings.


Pop-up animation. A golden Big Win appears in the center of the screen, and large steel numbers that show the amount of the win are placed below.



We can see a large golden inscription Mega Win in the center of the screen, on the background of rose petals . Below is the winning amount.


Pop-up animation Mega Win. The inscription appears from the center, and its golden letters shimmer, and the winning amount appears under it. Pink rose petals are falling in the background.



Gigantic Win pop-up is designed in beautiful large letters on the background of bright starry twinkles. Below, the winning amount is shown in the same blue gradient colors.



Colossal Win pop-up is placed in the center of the screen, on a background of green starry twinkles, and designed in red letters. Below is the winning amount in gold.


Colossal Win animation. Colossal Win appears in the center of the screen. It appears against the background of a green star twinkle. The winning amount in gold numbers also appears below it.



Pop-up Unbelievable Win. The inscription itself is made with gradient golden letters on a background of golden shimmer and stars. Below it is the amount of the winnings, which is also made for gold.


The animation of Unbelievable Win pop-up. A golden star flicker appears in the middle of the screen, followed by beautiful golden letters – Unbelievable Win. Below in gold numbers is the winning amount.



Pay table. The screen presents a pay table in a rectangular steel frame with the Zorro inscription at the top. This pay table includes two symbols of the highest category: Wild and Jackpot. Each symbol has a specific inscription. Wild – a wild symbol substitutes for any symbol (excluding the jackpot) to make the line a winning one. Jackpot – Hit three or more Jackpot symbols for a huge win. Below is the navigation through the pages “left and right”. There is a golden cross in the upper right corner to close the window.



The second page of the pay table. It features two symbols of the highest category: Zorro and a girl with a fan. Under each of them there is a quantitative value multiplied by a certain number for the total amount of payments.



The next payout page features five symbols of the middle category: a fan, a rose with a letter, a mask, an open rosebud, and a whip. Near each of them there is a quantitative value multiplied by a certain number for subsequent payments.



Symbols of the lowest category. This is the fourth page of the pay table. There are letters in two rows, next to each of them there is a quantitative value multiplied by the amount of payments.



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