How to save money playing slotmachines

How to save money playing slotmachines


In virtual gambling clubs you can play for real money or for virtual currency. In any case, the balance has the property of ending. In order to keep your bankroll as long as possible and play as many rounds as possible in slot machines, we recommend that you follow the following simple but effective rules.


Choose cheap slots

The chance to win a significant amount in slot machines with minimal rates is much less than in high-stakes slots, but you will lose less money in them. According to statistics, if a player puts the maximum 5 coins in an automatic machine, whose face value is 25 cents, and the return percentage is 90%, he loses $ 18.75 per hour on average. If he plays on the machine, the coin’s denomination is $ 1, and the refund rate is 98%, while he will put only 2 coins out of the maximum possible 5, the loss will be $ 30 an hour early. Another moment when you bet 5 coins of the maximum denomination, you not only spend less money, but you also get the opportunity to claim the jackpot, since in most machines the condition for winning the jackpot is the maximum number of coins on each line.


Do not chase the big jackpots

The logic here is the simplest: the smaller the jackpot, the easier it is to win. According to this rule, playing slots with progressive jackpots does not suit you at all. Slots with large progressive jackpots deduct too high a percentage of each bet in the accumulation of the jackpot. For example, the jackpot in the popular slot Megabucks can reach several million dollars, in it 10% of each bet is sent to replenish the prize pool.

And the return rate of this game, minus the progressive jackpot, which is very unlikely to win, is only 78%, which is much lower than in standard automatic machines. If you still decided to risk money and try to win a progressive jackpot, remember the first rule: select the machine with the minimum bet and put the maximum number of coins per line.


Do not play in very popular casinos

Even before the advent of the online casino, players knew the unspoken rule: the more popular the gambling house, the less chance of winning the players visiting it. For example, the average return of casinos located in the center of Las Vegas, on average 91.47%, and in similar institutions on its outskirts – 92.07%. This feature has migrated to the Internet institutions. The more well-known online casino, the less likely to win. Pay attention to the little-known institutions that try to entice players with high returns and generous bonuses.

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